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Re: Rsync on servers

>> for instance (slap me hard if I'm wrong). .tgz and .deb files are
>> never changed : new files are added, old files deleted.
> Which is why there is a fuzzy-name patch for rsync somewhere that
> detects a new filename is similar to an existing one and will try
> to rsync based on that.
once again, flame me if I'm wrong, but .deb are just an archive file
with a .tgz in it ; and a small modification of a file inside the
.tgz would cause some big modification of the .tgz (especially if
the modified file is in the "beginning" of the tar file). so, the
patch you're talking about may be of great help when dealing with
versionned text files, but for compressed archives, it might be

anyway, according to some tests run here, on the same machine,
rsync ate 12% CPU, and fmirror 3%. I'll try to get more precise
figures, bandwidth used, time elapsed and so on.

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