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Re: Darwin Streaming Server

On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 10:36:11AM -0600, Adam Majer wrote:
> easier classification of software into main, contrib and non-free
> sections. And again, being in non-free would not mean you can't use it!

I dont get it. What is wrong with the current classification? Nobody is
talking about saying that non-free is unuseable. But I fail to see why we
need a new definition for main.

"If it fits the DSFG (and/or is certified by opensource.org) it is main".

This is the current definition of main and there is nothing wrong with it.

> But, right now, I think that the best solution is to have a line in
> Packages something like

Thats a usefull option. Especially if we can use something like Freshmeat's
additional attributes "free but restricted" or "personal use" or whatever
for "other" license. But this does not change the definition of the main

> and Other would just mean to read the license of the software carefully
> before using it in your software or whatever. It would make things a lot
> easier for people trying to find software [like library or whatever] that
> fits their needs.

Yes, I agree. For example a GPL Lib may not fit most needs. But on the other
hand, ready the copyright file is not that hard. If you evaluate a lib
reading the description line is not enough, anyway.

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