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Re: Take 2: Preparing 2.2r4

> > >         I wonder why there was an m68k version of mac-fdisk.
> > > 
> > 
> > m68k Macs are supported by potato, that's why. The real question would
> So the same boot-loader will wor for m68k *and* powerpc machines?

Nope. Never said that. There's been m68k Mac support in since slink, it
works the same way as for Amiga or Atari: unpack a bunch of files
including bootstrap, kernel, ramdisk and the notorious floppy images to
your disk while in AmigaOS/TOS/MockOS, then run the bootstrap using the 
ramdisk as root filesystem. Anything beyond that stage looks the same on
all architectures I've tried :-) 

Powerpc has a MacOS based bootstrap as well for old boxes (BootX), but
that's a totally different beast. Recent Powermacs (up to two years old)
boot directly off the CD via OpenFirmware. That doesn't work for older
models (BrokenFirmware) or m68k (no OF). 
> > be: why wasn't 0.1-6.0potato1 built for m68k? Well, I thought I had ... 
> Upload it later, with a proper note and I'll add it to the list for
> 2.2r5

OK, will do. You're serious about r5? 

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