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Re: Take 2: Preparing 2.2r4


> mac-fdisk   stable    0.1-3           m68k, powerpc
> mac-fdisk   updates   0.1-6.0potato1  powerpc
> pmac-fdisk  stable    0.1-3           powerpc
> pmac-fdisk  updates   0.1-6.0potato1  powerpc
>         * Feature added: menu option to create bootstrap partition needed for
>           powerpc NewWorld machines with the proper type and size (patch supplied
>           by Ethan Benson). This should help newbies that won't read the docs
>           anyway. Closes: #99660.
>         * Bugfix: mac-fdisk used to get the disk size wrong when brute force
>           probing for end-of-disk by seek&read. Turns out gcc did not cope with
>           arithmetics on long long types without explicit cast. Closes: #99700.
>         I wonder why there was an m68k version of mac-fdisk.

m68k Macs are supported by potato, that's why. The real question would
be: why wasn't 0.1-6.0potato1 built for m68k? Well, I thought I had ... 

#99660 is a non-issue for m68k. #99700 might hit people with large disks
- if they decide to re-initialize the disk (not that likely, mac-fdisk
cannot create driver partitions required by MacOS, and m68k Macs need
that to boot).


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