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Re: Default MTA and dependencies

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On Saturday 03 November 2001 17:07, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> Why do you thing it's more comfortable if a dependency on a virtual
> package does provide an additional "If you have no clue which of the
> packages that provide this virtual package you want to install I'd duggest
> you install package abc."? This doesn't weaken the dependency and I don't
> see any problems for a user who wants to use another package that provides
> this virtual package instead - it's simply a service that makes it more
> comfortable for users that are happy when the package they want to install
> works but don't want to think about the different packages that provide
> this virtual package.

Adding real dependencies before virtuals is seen somewhat like a must, but it 
isn't. That was what I really complained about.

If it makes it easier for the apt-get user, yes you're right, it's better to 
do so.


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