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which package owns this bug?

So is this a bug in lprng, sml-mode, debconf or what?

    Preconfiguring packages ...
    Configuring Lprng

    Emacs has no standard SML major mode, so it is generally a good idea to let
    emacs load sml-mode globally (i.e., for all users on this site).

    If you answer no, people who desire to use it will have to put the string
    "(require 'sml-mode)" in their "~/.emacs" to load it.

    Should sml-mode be auto-loaded by default at your site? no 

    (Reading database ... 96997 files and directories currently installed.)

After the upgrade:
ii  lprng          3.8.0-1        lpr/lpd printer spooling system
ii  sml-mode       3.9.5-5        A major Emacs mode for editing Standard ML.
ii  debconf        1.0.13         Debian configuration management system
ii  dpkg           1.9.17         Package maintenance system for Debian
ii  apt            0.5.4          Advanced front-end for dpkg


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