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serious bug in gnome-pilot 0.1.62; avoid at all costs

Sorry for the crosspost but this seemed the best way...

There is a problem with the backup conduit in gnome-pilot 0.1.62 that can
cause a crash requiring a hard reset (and loss of all data) on at least
some Palm devices. The same bug also renders all Palm device backups
created by it completely useless. These backups will, in all likelihood,
crash the device if restored to it.

Upstream recommends that everyone cease using 0.1.62 immediately. A new
release will be rolled within the next day or two, and I'll be uploading it
the same day. Once this new version is installed, you will almost certainly
want to manually delete old backup files as well and start from a fresh
sync, since they may stay around for quite some time in the case of
slow-changing databases, etc.

Mike Markley <mike@markley.org>
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