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Re: RFC: SDL and X static extension libraries re-revisited

>>>>> "Branden" == Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

    >> IOW, if you want to solve the dlopen problem, make proper
    >> shlibs.

    Branden> That's not my decision to make.

It sure is.  You are the X maintainer.  You are responsible for what
version of X is in Debian; you can make whatever changes you believe
are necessary to do the right thing.  You don't have to agree with

But you should consider factors like whether it is the right decision,
how much work it creates for you, how it would affect ABI
compatibility between Debian and other distributions, how it will
affect our relationship with upstream, and how much work it
creates/saves other maintainers.

If I were in your shoes I'd probably decide that the _pic libraries
with careful versioning for sdl are a better choice than the shared
library.  It is more in sync with what upstream is doing and it
provides the same level of compatibility.

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