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Re: Rsync on servers

On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 05:47:33PM +0100, Otto Wyss wrote:
> Could anybody with an rsync- and an ftp-server measure how much cpu load
> the same download actually needs.

Yes, rsync is a major server-side resource hog.  All the work to
determine what chunks to send from a given file is done on the server.
Rsync makes a tradeoff: it conserves bandwidth by doing a lot of
computation on the server.

rsync also has issues in that it keeps the entire file list in memory
the whole time it's running.  There are a lot of files in the debian
archive.  In some ways I'd like to see us use cvsup to handle mirroring
and distributions.  It has many (all?) of the advantages of rsync with
fewer of the drawbacks.


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