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old package dir anomalies

To the best of my knowledge in the old directory structure (non package
pool) packages used to go in the section that was described in the
packages control file.

The following packages dont follow that trend.

package                    archive section  package section

netcdf-doc_3-3              math            science
clue_19970309-7             interpreters    libs
mesag3-glide2_3.1-17        graphics        libs
libgd-gif1-dev_1.3-2        libs            devel
ivtools-interviews_0.7.9-6  devel           libs
elkdoc_3.0-6                devel           doc
librplay3-dev_3.3.2-4       sound           devel
iraf_2.11.3-2               misc            science
iraf-dev_2.11.3-2           graphics        science
tpctl_0.8.1-5               misc            utils
iraf-noaobin_2.11.3-2       misc            science
powertweak_0.1.16-2         utils           admin
libmicrowindows0_0.88pre7-1 libs            devel
ivtools-unidraw_0.7.9-6     devel           libs
nte_1.5.32-2                x11             net
nestra_0.66-4.deb           games           otherosfs
libstdc++2.10_2.95.2-14     libs            oldlibs
libgeda-dev_19991011-1      electronics     devel

I guess there must be a reason, anyone care to share it with me ?


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