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Re: calife broke...

On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 12:49:22PM +0100, Thomas Quinot wrote:
> Le 2001-10-31, Ralph Jennings écrivait :
> > calife seems to be broken in sid since update of libc6
> > (the only package referenced in a "bug" report), calife
> > itself didn't change.
> What do you mean by 'is broken'?

I mean it no longer works..., but it used to work...

And calife wasn't being upgraded in between working and
broken.  The only thing "bug" sees it as dependent upon
is libc6, and that *was* upgraded, so maybe that's what
caused it?

 From X Eterm
rage:~$ calife 
No tty associated with stdin, bailing out

 From text console
rage:~$ calife 
You don't exist, get out.

Last time this happened it was because utmp entry wasn't
being added properly with Eterm (text console was fine).
That was just a side effect of upgrading to devfs, and
Eterm not entering utmp entries correctly.  Though I did
check, and utmp entries are still fine (no change since
it was working).


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