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Re: webserver directory locations when you're not using a webserver

On Thu, 2001-11-01 at 04:56, Hereward Cooper wrote:
> Hi there,
> I just need some expert advise on a location of a directory. I have a package
> [tigger] that create a gallery from a directory full of pictures. It has a
> feature to add a drop shadow to the preview. This requires the use of about 4/5
> extra graphics that come this the program. The upstream stores them in  the
> foler images/ and recommeneds manually putting them in your webserver root
> directory so that any gallery's you create on that webserver all share the same
> images/ (this presumes that all the gallerys you create are for that webserver).
> The program has a "--imagedir=" option to manual choose where the images/
> directory is relevant to the pictures on the webserver i.e. if the pictures were
> in /var/www/gallery, /var/www/images would be "--imagedir=/images". (btw -- the
> program defaultly uses /images for the images directory).
> Now what happens when you either don't have a local webserver, or are not
> creating the gallery for it? Should the package put the images/ directory in a
> directory some where (/etc/tigger/images/) then get the user to move it to the
> apporiate place and telling them to use "--imagedir=", noting this in the
> README.debian and man page. I take it that making a depend on apache, and auto
> placing the images/ in /var/www/images/ is out of the question.
> Sorry if you don't under stand my question and get lost after the first sentance
> due to my bad wording, I'm no good at explaining stuff :-)

I think this sort of thing is a frequent problem for packages which
package web applications.

I wonder if it would be possible to add some functionality into the
Debian Apache package which would allow for a /etc/apache/conf.d
directory processed similarly to the way cron deals with /etc/cron.d.

What (I believe) you need in this case is to add a directive to the
Apache configuration which aliases a web server directory such as
/tigger-images to some directory on the drive such as
/usr/share/tigger/images, which I think would be more in line with the

You should be able to do this with a script processing the existing
Apache configuration files, but the method I propose above would add a
lot more flexibility for producing packages which are based around web
presentation, as so many packages are these days.

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