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Re: RFC: Checking for updates

>>>>> "AM" == Adam Majer <adamm@galacticasoftware.com> writes:

    AM> On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 02:21:48PM +1100, Glenn McGrath wrote:
    >> (i previously posted something like this in a comment at
    >> debianplanet)
    >> It is possible to create a tool that checks for updated
    >> packages that would only send minimal amounts of data
    >> guarenteed to be less than 90kB for sid in its current state,
    >> and more likely only having to download about 45kB (est)

    AM> I read the entire post and you do have a point - DL a few MB
    AM> to get the updated packages seems like a lot. IMHO, the debian
    AM> box is actually trying to pass the Package files down the line
    AM> as efficiently as it can. In a better world, the box would
    AM> refresh the main package file once every 3 or so hours, and
    AM> keep diff files from prev versions. Then just send the all the
    AM> diffs to update to newest one if that is the least amount of
    AM> bytes OR send a new file.

    AM> And if the sum of diffs from version X to current is > than
    AM> the size of Package et al. then delete the latest patch, and
    AM> check patch from version X+1 to current. This all could be
    AM> done when Packages are updated. It would cost very little CPU
    AM> time. (<1min per day).

    AM> It would only need ONE small program [written in C would be
    AM> real fast] that decides which files to send. But I guess this
    AM> should go into the apt-get & ftp-master wishlist.

Would it be worth using rsync on the Packages file instead of simply
slurping the whole thing over?  (requires rsync, but...?).  

I'm not sure how to guarantee a "minimum" size, though; it seems like
a sensible potential interim solution, though.


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