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SCSI driver sppeds

Hello Debianers,

When running kernel-2.4.0 SCSI disk speed is reported at boot time
to synchronous at 40MB/s (bios setting), and measured to 19.2 MB/s
using hdparm -t /dev/sda. However, when booting kernels 2.4.7 and
2.4.12 speed is going down to reported 11.6 MB/s and measured 9.4

Tagged Command Queueing is reported enabled on kernels-2.4.7,2.4.12,
not on 2.4.0. How to disable at boot and in .config if this is causing
the slowdown?

I'm running Debian/unstable, kernels are compiled by hand, using make-kpkg.
sda is an IBM 8GB DDRS-39130D with a main board controller AIC-7895.


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