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C++ Boost

Sorry to keep bringing this up, but the Debian Boost (C++
libs) packages are in need of many, many fixes.  They
are currently languishing in sid due to various serious
or worse bugs filed against them.

I've tried to contact Raphael Bossek (current maintainer)
about these problems but have had no response for about a
week now.  I know a week seems short, but the packages have
RC bugs filed against them that are over one hundred days
old.  I've a feeling Raphael is too busy to fix the packages.

At this time, Boost is at least 2 or 3 versions ahead of
the current Debian packages, with much new, important

Is it time for someone else to take over maintainership?
I would do it myself except:

1. I am not currently a maintainer and would have to go
   though the NM process (though I suppose I could get a
   sponsor in the meantime).

2. I am trying to graduate.  :)

I could really make good use of these libraries in my work
to accomplish #2.  For various reasons it would be best if
they could be provided in Debian packages.

Perhaps I'll play around with packaging it, but I honestly
can't say I'd do any better than Raphael.  Is anyone else
willing and able to do so?



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