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Re: Intention to change priority of console-tools

On Sun, 28 Oct 2001, Joey Hess wrote:

> Santiago Vila wrote:
> > Have you ever tried to use dpkg on a system where the keyboard does
> > not work properly? (you might not even be able to type dpkg --help).
> > I think console-tools should remain required.
> Well yeah, I'm sure a lot of us have used dpkg on systems where the
> keyboard doesn't work properly, because there is no keyboard attached.
> Or, just 2 days ago, I was using dpkg on a system where the keyboard
> lacked the 'd' key. I'm sure this kind of thing goes on all the time.

If you consider usable enough a system without a working keyboard we
should consider downgrading some other packages too from their standard

For example, if I lose the dpkg executable I can download it by ftp,
uncompress it by using ar and tar, and put it in /usr/bin.

Where do we put the bar so that dpkg is required and loadkeys is not?

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