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Re: Questions regarding the Security Secretary Position

John Galt <galt@inconnu.isu.edu> writes:

> They aren't reasonable things to add at the last minute.  The search 
> happened, AFAICT there is a candidate, yet you had to object now.  If it 
> was so reasonable, why didn't you mention it when it came up?  
> Reasonableness cannot be applied to concepts that are brought up at the 
> last minute: the very fact that they were shoved in at the last minute 
> makes them unreasonable.  Now do as I asked and shut up.

Actually, the security team was operating all the time under the
expectation that the person should be a developer, despite the public
statement on the list (as has already been said).

Nor for that matter is it unreasonable for me to make a suggestion
late in the day; it is for the appropriate people to decide whether or
not they want to take the suggestion--where that is the security
team--and I'm happy to let them take whatever suggestions I might
offer and do with them what they think fit.

As for why I didn't bring it up sooner: I simply hadn't noticed it
sooner.  I don't therefore void my right to bring it up, though the
security team would be well within its rights to decide that it's too
late to change things.


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