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Re: update-rc.d sequence number for hpoj (HP OfficeJet Linux driver)

Jules Bean <jules@jellybean.co.uk> wrote:

> Allow start-up scripts to only specify their dependencies (they can
> declare packages that must be init'ed before them). At start-up time,
> work up the graph from the bottom, guaranteeing only to start things
> after their dependencies are already running.

> This has two major advantages:

> a) You can always add another package 'between' two existing ones.

You don't need the dependency system to be able to insert a script
between any two.  Just use some sort of rational number representation,


where <xyz...> is treated as the rational number "0.<xyz...>".  Then
alphabetical ordering done by the shell will coincide with the usual
rational number ordering and you can always insert a new entry between
any two existing ones.
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