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Re: Debian conference 2 / LSM 2002

On Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 07:32:19PM -0400, Joe Drew wrote:
> I'm willing to assist or lead in organizing a conference in Toronto, but
> I'd need help from people who know what sort of things are necessary for
> a successful conference.

Great. I love Toronto, and I'd definitely go to a Debian conference there.

I don't have experience organizing a Debian conference either, but I think
that you should start by finding out if any of the local colleges (UT, York
U., Seneca College, Ryerson, or even McMaster, going a bit farther away) would
be willing to rent us several rooms at low prices.
I think that's the most important requirement (cheap room and board); the rest
I think we can manage to arrange it easily.

Jaime Villate

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