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Re: Debian conference 2 / LSM 2002

* Tille, Andreas (TilleA@rki.de) [011015 10:54]:
> > Better again in Europe then not at all...
> Fully agreed.  And if we do not find any other event to drop in we
> should not refuse the LSM offer to host the Debian conference again.
> We now know the location and infra structure there which perfectly
> fits our needs (at least it was much better this year than the year
> before).  Moreover there is a lot of good wine ;-).
> So lets draw a deadline of three weeks ( = 5. Nov. 2001) until we
> find a different place (which I would prefer for several reasons).
> If we do not find another place we just have to find a person which
> takes Thierrys task to organize in Bordeaux (which is perhaps not as
> hard than at another place because there are experiences yet).

Yay! Fully agreed. Thierry, that person should be french, right?
Lolando? (c: 


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