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Menu: Web Browser vs. Web browsers

I think I've found a slight problem with the menu system as it is.  Before
filing bug reports on all the relevant packages, I was wondering if we could
get some consensus as to what the "proper" setting for the hints section of
a menu file.

As it is right now:

* Mozilla Navigator (CVS), Mozilla Browser (CVS) and Lynx are in Apps/Net
with hints set to "Web Browser".

* Mozilla Navigator, Mozilla Browser, Konqueror and Galeon are in Apps/Net
with hints set to "Web browsers".

This generates 2 menu entries in my Apps/Net menu, rather than one.  Which
is correct, "Web Browser" or "Web browsers"? -- I guess I'd vote for the former.

Perhaps a list should be created of proper hints fields -- I'm pretty sure
there isn't already one, but I could be wrong.  (And, I suppose, I would
also volunteer to write/maintain it, if nobody else feels inclined to)

Personally, I think the Menu system has some great potential but only if
maintainers write hints for their packages that are common among multiple

Duncan Findlay

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