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RE: Ultra-Bike.com

Ok this crap needs to stop.  This is plainly comercial spam and is subject
to the spam policy.  I dont apreciate getting spam directly from the mailing
list.  Doesnt debian have anyone that goes out to collect its money from
these people.  With out enforcment the rules are menningless.  I also have a
feeling that this could be the start of a spam wave seeing as we got that
"urgent notice" spam just a few days ago.  Maybe whoever is incharge of
enforcing policy on the list should go after these people and stop the
spaming before the list gets over run.
> There's a new type of bicycle that allows you to pedal with your arms as
> well as your legs.  There is no loss of stability or steering due to its
> unique and patented handlebar system.  It rides like a traditional bike,
> and you can augment your output using your upper body.  Great workout!
> Take a look at http://www.Ultra-Bike.com for details.
> NOTE: This is a one time mailing.  You need not request removal.
> However,
> you may contact us anytime at
> mailto:Webmaster@Ultra-Bike.com
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