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Re: Package descriptions and making them better

On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 12:34:44PM -0400, Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   Other people have already answered this..basically, there are a
> couple things:

don't you all understand my mails?
>   Firstly, while poor English skills are part of the problem, they are not
> the whole problem.  We also need to address the fact that people write
> descriptions which are just not useful.  In fact, this might almost be
> more problematic than bad English -- in all but the most extreme cases,
> a native speaker unfamiliar with the package can easily submit a bug
> against it with grammatical and stylistic corrections; if the
> description does not provide enough information to work out what the
> package is/does, this can be very difficult.

Because of this, the reviewer can request a special source package and
he will get all descriptions of this package. 

>   Secondly, these fixes should go into the main project files.  The
> ddts provides an auxillary location for translated descriptions, which
> is a useful service given that dpkg and apt don't support translated
> descriptions; however, the English-language descriptions are the only
> description guaranteed to exist, they go into the packages themselves,
> and they are shipped on CDs.  They should be as correct as possible.


because of this, the server will _not_ make english Packages files
etc. The server will not send notification mails to the maintainer.
The server only store the newer descriptions and send this fixed
description to the BTS. 

The server only coordinate the work of all the reviewer. We have >
6000 Descriptions (with > 2.7 MBytes) and this must be coordinated. 

The server can send all reviewed description to a debian-* mailing
list on a daily base (like the french list in the ddtp)

I only offer the ddtp framework and I must write some new code for it.
But don't argue with wrong argument. 

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