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Re: more debian

On 29 Sep 2001, The RainmakeR wrote:

>    I am a linux user. I was excited to know that there's a multimedia
> version of Debian out there. I am not a linux geek and I don't know
> any programming languages. But I came up with this idea that Debian
> should have more branches, concerntrating on certain aspects of the
> operation system (eg. multimedia, security, gaming, server and
> desktop). In this way, I believe that linux will progress much faster
> and better. And it would probably be the only way to counter other
> giant-computer companies like Microsoft and its latest Windows XP. I
> realised that manpower requirement for such efforts would be great.
> There are tons of different linux distributers out there, ranging from
> small ones to large well-known ones. I believe that they would join
> you in such a task if they realise the potential. Of course one day
> when these branches have perfect their aspects, all can be intergrated
> into a single unparalleled linux distribution. Soon I will learn to
> program, and soon I will probably join Debian. Cheers~! =)

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