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RE: letters in upstream version numbers

On 26-Sep-2001 Noah L. Meyerhans wrote:
> Lintian gives errors when looking at a package with letters at the
> beginning of the upstream version number.  Ch. 4 of policy indicates
> that the upstream version can't begin with a letter.  However, it
> doesn't really indicate what should be done in case an upstream version
> does begin with letters.  In the case of the latest iputils package, it
> is ss010824.  Should I just drop the letters from the version number, or
> is there some other preferred way of making it comply with policy.
> It might be worth it to add some text to policy clarifying this issue.

A problem here is knowing what is the next version.  Is it st010824? maybe
ss010825?  I think a common solution is to put '0.' or '1.' in front of the

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