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RE: Loader

	I want to make a warm boot from Linux to Dos, do you know if it's
	Somebody tested this yet:
	There was a BIOS set up interrupt (INT19 form memory) which could be
called to start a warm boot. There shouldn't be a problem changing the
shutdown code (or whatever code normally reboots the machine) to simply call
INT19 last.


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* BERNARDES,JOAN (Non-HP-Brazil,ex1) <joan_alminhana@non.hp.com> [010924
> 	Hi all,	
> 	This question don't have nothing to do with Debian, but I will try.
> 	I want to know if exists an MS-DOS Loader for Linux. There is any
> tool that can load DOS under Linux? (Like loadlin load Linux in DOS).

You might want to have a lilo dos target and use 'lilo -R dos' then
issue a reboot.

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