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New attempt to build debhelper 3 for potato


tonight, I tried a second time to build debhelper 3 for potato.
Because of the radical changes that have taken place especially with
the SGML stuff, I have now successfully built 37 .deb files and am -
again - beginning to wonder if it is really this major an effort to
get a basic tool like debhelper built.

For example, is it really necessary to update debconf to have a
current debhelper? debhelper 3.0.45 build-depends on debconf-utils
which is not present in potato's debconf.

I have now a debconf 1.0.01 for potato which doesn't install since
perl 5.005 has its include files in a different place, and the debconf
postinst looks for Debconf/Db.pm in a bunch of other places instead of
/usr/share/perl5/Debconf where the backported debconf places it. I
certainly won't backport perl 5.6 to potato, and I am quite reluctant
to look that deeply into debconf 1.0.01's sources to figure out where
the perl modules should go with potato's perl.

I'd appreciate any hints. I am now off to bed ;) See you tomorrow.


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