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Re: questions on ITP

On Sep 20, Martin F Krafft wrote:
> i am not yet an official maintainer, but i do already have an advocate
> and sponsor (Colin - what's the status?)
> however, in the mean time i am happily packaging along and submitting
> ITP's to bugs.debian.org the proper way. However, not once has one of
> these ITPs reached the debian-devel list. they have been confirmed,
> but they haven't been posted. am i doing something wrong, or do i
> actually need to be debian developer to submit these?

They won't be sent to debian-devel unless you specifically request a
CC or X-Debbugs-CC to the list.  By the way, if you use 'reportbug wnpp'
it will handle this for you automagically.

For now, I recommend just sending an email to debian-devel that lists
all of the ITPs along with the "standard info" you submitted to the
bts for each ITP.

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