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Re: Running dpkg -r foo from a postinst script?

What you really want to do is to implement
Recommanded-Conflicts: brokenmailer, etcpassoire, trivialtohackftpd
or even 
Suggested-Conflicts: easyr00ted, lametelnetd
Right ?

Well, creates an
harden-recommanded-conflicts package
that conflicts with brokenmailer, etcpassoire, trivialtohackftpd
and a harden-suggested-conflicts package
that conflicts with easyr00ted, lametelnetd

Then make task-harden to Recommands: harden-recommanded-conflicts and
Suggests: harden-suggested-conflicts.

It is not the real things, but closer than removing packages, because
it last after installation.(your scheme does not prevend etcpassoire too
be installed after task-harden)
(the real thing woud be to have a handful of packages 
harden-conflict-trivialtohackftpd etc... that each conflicts with the
named package, but it lead to half dozen stupid virtual package more.)

Also consider how works task-packages:

It is an empty package.  We install it. We got all the Depended, Recommended
packages.  Afterward we can remove it safely, without affecting these packages.
So if tasken-harden conflicts with easyr00ted and  I really need/want
easyr00ted, I can remove task-harden after it has been successfully installed
and install easyr00ted.

If too many people object that conflict in task package are evil, then 
use an intermediate package as described above.


Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

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