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Problem with resolv.conf and search list

There is something I do not understand about resolving hostnames. It seems the
search primitive of resolv.conf does not work properly in sid, nor in woody.

Let's see some of my configuration files :

-------------------- resolv.conf
search lifl.fr univ-lille1.fr iut-info.univ-lille1.fr

-------------------- host.conf
order hosts,bind
multi on

Then I know a host which is called sole.iut-info.univ-lille1.fr and want to be
able to call it by its short name sole. 

The resolver is unable to find it. Let's see it with an example :

{watney-root-/etc}# host sole
sole.lifl.fr does not exist (Authoritative answer)

{watney-root-/etc}# host sole.iut-info.univ-lille1.fr
sole.iut-info.univ-lille1.fr    A

Why did the resolver stop searching after the first search entry (not trying
univ-lille1.fr and so on) ?

Did I miss something or is it a bug ?

-- Bruno

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