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Re: New update_excuses output

On Sat 15 Sep 2001, Anthony Towns wrote:

> As of the next dinstall/testing run (a few hours away yet) there'll be a
> new set of lines in the update_excuses output [0] (NB: it's now over a MB so
> it's quite long and tedious). They look like:

Would it be possible to also offer a compressed version of these files
(update_excuses.html, update_output.txt, etc)? Most browsers can handle
uncompressing these on the fly and it makes accessing these lists MUCH
faster. As a porter I often use update_excuses for tracking down
packages that are out of date (on alpha) for longer than normal (usually
indicating a problem that can't be handled by the build daemon), and
hence look at that list quite regularly.

Paul Slootman

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