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Re: need help in resolving the Apache-Expat-XML::Parser conflict

Bart Schuller (schuller@lunatech.com) wrote:
> > I've no problem NMU'ing apache, but that might break other packages (which?).
> > There are two ways to NMU:
> > 
> > 1. leave out expat: this is the simplest way since it only requires a small
> >    change in the debian/rules file
> > 
> > 2. build with the least version of expat (as described in bug #96093): that's
> >    more work given the way it's currently packaged (the upstream source are
> >    in tarballs which are unrolled during build)
> I've done 2 privately. It's a bloody shame users have to do this when
> the patches are even in the BTS. Maybe we need a group of maintainers to
> take over apache.

That might indeed not be a bad idea.  I'll post a proposal for this.
> Anyway, using 2, apache works, the XML-using perl and php modules work,
> and even mod_dav works (the only thing that actually needs expat in the
> first place).

But does it really need to be in apache for mod_dav?  I'll ask the maintainer
to check whether it can live without expat in apache.
> Oh, and feel free to bounce this to dd if that Reply-To was in error.

Ardo van Rangelrooij
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