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Re: 'getenv' C function

Pedro Zorzenon Neto <pzn@terra.com.br> writes:

>   The upstream author uses this software for some Unix and also for DOS.
>   The author intends to incorporate my patch in the upstream, I'd like to
> know if "getenv" will work in DOS.

It's a standard ANSI C function as defined in ISO 9899-1999: The getenv function

1           #include <stdlib.h>
            char *getenv(const char *name);
2    The getenv function searches an environment list, provided by
     the host environment, for a string that matches the string
     pointed to by name. The set of environment names and the
     method for altering the environment list are
3    The implementation shall behave as if no library function calls
     the getenv function.  
4    The getenv function returns a pointer to a string associated
     with the matched list member. The string pointed to shall
     not be modified by the program, but may be overwritten by a
     subsequent call to the getenv function. If the specified
     name cannot be found, a null pointer is returned.

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