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Re: build dependency alternatives sequencing

Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> immo vero scripsit

> It is possible in the Build-Depends specification of a package to give
> alternatives using syntax like:
>         libltdl0-dev | libltdl3-dev

I am starting to believe that an "|" in builld depends is evil.
When something is really required for specific arches, 
it should have the [machine-type] thing.

And when "alternatives" exist, we don't really know for sure which 
version of the library things are built against, or with.

For example, build-depending on " byacc | bison " might
seem reasonable, but it's not. You don't know which version
of something caused certain bug, and it is not possible 
to reliably rebulid from source.

Anyway, this is my thought, while playing with pbuilder.
I would recommend D-Ds to trying to build a package with
pbuilder, and see if the "build-depends" line confuses 


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