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Re: Student Looking for A Final Year Project

On 09/07/2001 09:21:27 PM Glenn McGrath wrote:
>> The command line arguments CVS use are truely original, which is a
>> really bad thing !
>> :pserver:, :ext: mixed with environment variables.... crazy... what were
>> they thinking when they came up with that stuff, not simplicity thats
>> sure.

Agreed.  That was the entire point of the suggested project for that
student, encapsulate all the uglyness of CVS into either APT or DPKG or a
separate program.

Right now I can type something that vaguely resembles line noise into my
terminal to do what I'm proposing.  The goal of the student's project would
be to replace that uglyness with a nice smooth interface thats well
integrated with the rest of the Debian system, all well working
cooperatively with other developers.

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