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Re: Student Looking for A Final Year Project

On 09/07/2001 11:20:42 AM Andrew Suffield wrote:

>> On Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 10:13:50AM -0500, Vince Mulhollon wrote:
>> > Integrating CVS into Debian (as a core component, not just a package)
>> > be a long, complex, and rewarding project.
>> But futile and misguided. CVS has whole swathes of fundamental flaws,
>> largely historical. Better to integrate with something similar to CVS

References?  Just curious what the huge problems are.  It fundamentally
seems to work, or at least I've not yet run into any road blocks.

I know CVS doesn't do binaries or compressed files very well, but for plain
text based config files or lists of installed packages, that's OK.

I would imagine the tool would store the state of installed packages in a
way very similar yet different from dpkg --get-selections | sort >  file
and then CVS commit the file.  I've been playing with that method in an
extremely manual way, but a smoothly integrated command or script would be
much less painful to use, and could have cool features added.  I haven't
run into any inherent CVS related issues while experimenting with this
method, and I'm curious if you've had bad experiences trying something
similar, etc.

Considering that the student wanted a good project, I'd think that
integrating this into the greater overall Debian system would be more
useful "real world project" with all kinds of legacy issues and social
interaction w/ other package developers, than the typical individualistic
small system end of year project.

I follow up to debian-devel, as several developers use CVS, and if there's
some big unpublicized fundamental weakness and flaws in CVS, I'm sure
others need to know, so please inform us.


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