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Re: wnpp still down

I think bugs.debian.org/wnpp reports correctly the list of packages.

El 04 Sep 2001 a las 10:11AM +0200, Christian Marillat escribio:
> >>>> "MEM" == Marcelo E Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org> writes:
> >>> Nicolas SABOURET <Nicolas.Sabouret@limsi.fr> writes:
> >> Just to inform that the web page devel/wnpp still doesn't work. I don't
> >> know wether sby is dealing with that already or not.
> >  The WNPP pages use the LDAP frontend to the BTS, which has been
> >  affected by a small change in the BTS "database"[0].  Last weekend I
> >  mailed Ben Collins a pseudo patch to fix the affected script but I
> >  think he's on vacation as I haven't got any sort of ack.
> >  [0] A directory is no longer a directory but a symlink
> Today the WNPP is still broken. Somebody can do something ?
> I want to check the WNPP before doing ITP.
> Christian
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