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Re: moving a package from non-US/main to main?

Marc Haber wrote:
> Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> wrote:
> > [ principle of pristine sources ]
> >So, that's not a principle, it's a somewhat desirable goal.  For some
> >licenses it may be necessary, but there are many reasons you might
> >have to change the upstream tarball, including for example DFSG
> >problems with part of a program.
> I see. So that is not a real problem. Do I simply tar the sources with
> non-US bits removed and call that tar foo.orig.tar.gz, or is there a
> special procedure?

You have to use dpkg-buildpackage -sa so that the .changes file
includes the new orig.tar.gz file if it's not Debian revision 1.

You might need to give the tarball a new name, katie does not usually
accept that an .orig.tar.gz changes its md5sum.

If main and non-US/main have different "namespaces" in the eyes of
katie (for the md5sum thing), which I'm not sure, renaming the tarball
could be not required if you are moving the package from non-US/main
to main or viceversa.

Also, remember to add a few lines in the copyright file saying which
files you have removed from the tarball, so that people know why the
source is not pristine.

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