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Re: /usr/dict/ -> /usr/share/dict/ request (bug #110632)

David Coe wrote:
> Hi all,
> A user has filed a wishlist bug against (potato) wenglish because the
> (slink) symlink from /usr/dict/words is now a symlink from
> /usr/share/dict/words, per FHS.  This user would like /usr/dict/words
> reinstated as a symlink to the user's preferred word list.
> He claims, not unreasonably, that old scripts and users expect
> to find /usr/dict/words.

The only link I would allow is /usr/dict --> /usr/share/dict, but that
can be done easily by the system maintainer in a system with such
scripts or such problems, that should be the exception. We can be polite
about that, but is not so big a problem.

There is other problem about that, what package should be the owner of
that link? Currently there is no common package for all dicts, and
setting it from base files seems to me quite heavy. From the
dictionaries-common project, dictionaries-common package should be the
natural owner if that link is set, but from the current situation I find
no good package to have the transition link.


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