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Re: new port: and the winner is....

On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 10:32:19PM +0200, Carsten Leonhardt wrote:
> A Mennucc1 <debian@Tonelli.sns.it> writes:
> > Why? well, there was no big consenous on any name; so I looked at the
> > problem the other way around, and saw that nobody was actually against
> > 'win', but for
> >  jsbien@mimuw.edu.pl (Janusz S. Biee?), who said that
> >  
> > > In hacker language, calling something a "win" is a form of praise.  We
> > > don't want to praise a non-free Microsoft system, so we don't call it
> > > "win".
> I guess (I hope!) that's because one person gave a good reason, and
> the rest didn't want to write "ME TOO!" messages. Please reconsider.

Sigh.  Yes, the quote also represented my opinion perfectly, so I
saw no need to add a me-too.

"A Mennucc1", please don't make a habit of _counting_ arguments to
determine their relevance.  It's not very useful, and if it becomes
a popular habit it will just increase the noise level.  I don't want
to see this mailing list devolve into a shouting-the-loudest contest.[1]

If you want to settle something by vote, then hold an actual vote.

> > but this does not apply here; I indeed hope that 'Debian GNU/win'
> > will be a 'win' :-)

A win of what?  You never actually said what you intend to achieve
with it.

> I'd recommend "w32", but seeing that your mailinglist is already named
> "win32", you could go for that.

I reluctantly agree with Carsten here.  I'd rather not have the "win"
appear at all, but there doesn't seem to be another name for the
family of 32-bit operating systems in the microsoft windows series.
(On the other hand, "cygnus" might be a more accurate description of
your platform.)

By the way, it can't be "GNU/win".  The GNU system is defined as a
free operating system, so it can't have a Windows kernel.

Richard Braakman

[1] Anyone who claims that this has already happened will be loudly thwacked.

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