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libgal sonames

I intend to send the following email to ximian.  If anyone has comments, let
me know :)


Why do you keep changing the soname for libgal?  If you need a new soname
every week, then clearly this library is not stable and certainly not 
ready for release.

I've never seen a library go though so many sonames in such a short time, 
and cause so many problems for other debian packages that depend on it..

Every time you change the soname, and the new version is installed in the
debian archive, the old one is removed.  At that point 22 (at the latest 
count) different debian packages need to be recompiled.  Some of them are
quite large.

This causes those 22 packages to be rebuilt usually on 5 different
architectures, and causes the users of those architctures to re-download the
new packages -- a massive waste of cpu time, and bandwidth.

Please try to carefuly consider weather or not a new soname is really
necessary when releasing a new libgal, or if just increasing the version of
the library would suffice.



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