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Re: Please upload when you adopted a package

On 31-Aug-01, 07:28 (CDT), Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de> wrote: 
> On 29 Aug 2001, Brian May wrote:
> > However, then everybody has to download the package again even though
> > nothing has changed. Especially significant if it is a large package.
> >
> > (not everyone has super-fast non-volume-charged Internet connections)
> With the same argument you can argue that a maintainer mustn't upload a
> package only to close a "fixed a typo in the package description" bug
> or to fix a small lintian warning...

Yes, I would argue *exactly* that, except just before a freeze. (Okay,
I wouldn't use the word "mustn't", but I think it is generally impolite
to force[1] all the users of a package is upgrade for such trivial
changes.) Imagine if Branden updated all the X packages to fix a typo
in the description. Do you honestly think that's a good idea?


[1] Yes, I know no one is literally "forced" to do it. But until we
get reliably working views of the changelogs without downloading the
entire package (or at least some sort of visible priority) inside
dselect/aptitude/etc., that's what it amounts to.

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