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Re: [PATCH] Mailman solution to Cc:s to users on mailing lists

>> Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> writes:

 > 1) If the user is on multiple mailing lists that are all in the
 >    To:/Cc:/etc. fields, they will only get one list copy.

 From which list?

 At some point in time I had something like this in my .procmailrc:

    Is this being sent to a debian mailing list?
        Did I already get one of the copies?
        Is -policy in the set?
            Kill the author

 That is, if the mail was addressed for -private, -policy, -project and
 -devel, it would have landed on lists/debian-policy, and only there.
 (The set of lists and priorities has been reduced and the special cases
 have been removed in order to make the example practicable)

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