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Re: how to quickly reduce debian bugcount a *lot*

T.Pospisek's MailLists <tpo2@spin.ch> wrote:
> * find all the bugreports you've submitted (there's a nice interface for
>  that on bugs.debian.org).
>  * check whether they still apply (by installing newer packages etc.)
>  * close the one's that do not apply any more

> * find all the bugs on *your* packages (same URL as above)
>  * (same rules apply as above)

Is there some kind of policy/current practice about closing bugs as
normal user, _not_ debian developer?

Is it ok to
-close a bug which is fixed that I reported myself
-close a bug that I confirmed that it is fixed
or would I "step on the developer's toes" by doing this and should
only send a mail to bugnumber@bugs.debian.org which says "bug can
be closed, because of ..."?
           tia, cu andreas
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