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New unofficial potato extra cd set on ftp.fsn.hu

Forwarded from Pásztor György <pasztor@linux.gyakg.u-szeged.hu>:


I made a newer CD set of the ftp.fsn.hu's extra cd set.
It now available at the following site (and on it's mirrors):

979f8b9f2fef308cadee1faf61d21abc *potato-i386-extra1.iso
77c916b3f021b5e4b1ea34488ab2b30f *potato-i386-extra2.iso

The contents of this CD set:
        - Unofficial XFree86 4.1 binaries
                (from people.debian.org/~cpbotha)
        - Security updates (from security.debian.org)
        - Unofficial Packages needed for 2.4.x kernels
            (from people.debian.org/~bunk)
        - The Official Ximian Gnome (1.4) potato .deb packages
        - The Official KDE 2.1.1 potato .deb packages
        - kernel sources and security patches
            (ftp.kernel.org, Openwall.org, Getrewted.org)

        - PostgreSQL 7.1.3 for potato packages
        - Ogg Vorbis utilities
        - Unofficial php4 packages to use with 7.x Postgres
        - sfs packages (A secure file service)
            (from "RISKO Gergely <risko@debian.org>)

About the separation of CD set:
    The CD1 contains all free software (main+non-US/main sections). The
    CD2 contains non-free sections, contrib sections, and sources.

I hope, I can update these CD-images weekly, or at least monthly.

Pásztor György  JATE PTM IV.          /         Napi idézet:
SZTE SZK & Ságvári Gimn. Linux rg    /      Ha jól érzed magad, ne aggódj.
pasztor@linux.gyakg.u-szeged.hu       /            El fog múlni...
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