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Re: Still no base tarball

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Ethan Benson wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 23, 2001 at 08:35:17AM -0400, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > I would think that would be obvious. It saves about 5 hours of download
> lets not exaggerate, 1 to 1.5 hours max.

I downloaded the tarball from people several days ago and it took just at
4 1/2 hours. While I have a 56K modem, my country phone lines will only
support about 22k of traffic. I didn't make this up.

> > time on a 56K modem. It provides a CD archives that matches the FTP
> > archives, providing least surprise to the user.
> if they have CDs they will NEVER need the tarball, either the machine
> in question will be able to read the CD and thus use the real archive,
> or it will require floppy images not a tarball.

I'm not tied to the tarball. Floppies solve the problem just as well.
Basicly either could be used.[1] Which takes up the least space?

> > Looks like a completeness argument to me...
> looks like a useless bloat argument to me. 
Then stop trying to read idiocy into the request. My whole point has been
that we can't cut out folks with only floppies for media. Whatever solves
that problem tickles me pink ;-)


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