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Packages to run kernel 2.4.x on potato (release 18)

I have prepared the packages needed to run kernels up to 2.4.9 on a Debian
2.2r3 (potato) system. Please read [1] for more information.

Changes since the last release:

          + added: kernel-image-2.4.9-i386
            Binary packages:
               o kernel-headers-2.4.9
               o kernel-headers-2.4.9-386
               o kernel-headers-2.4.9-586
               o kernel-headers-2.4.9-586tsc
               o kernel-headers-2.4.9-686
               o kernel-headers-2.4.9-686-smp
               o kernel-headers-2.4.9-k6
               o kernel-image-2.4.9-386
               o kernel-image-2.4.9-586
               o kernel-image-2.4.9-586tsc
               o kernel-image-2.4.9-686
               o kernel-image-2.4.9-686-smp
               o kernel-image-2.4.9-k6
          + added: kernel-source-2.4.9
            Binary packages:
               o kernel-doc-2.4.9
               o kernel-source-2.4.9
               o mkcramfs
          + updated: devfsd (1.3.11-0.1 -> 1.3.17-1)
          + updated: initrd-tools (0.1.8 -> 0.1.11)
          + pppoe:  Fixed the problem that a script used a syntax that is
            new in bash version 2.04 - but 2.03 is in potato...
          + removed: kernel-image-2.4.7-i386
          + removed: kernel-source-2.4.7


[1] http://www.fs.tum.de/~bunk/kernel-24.html


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