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Re: Still no base tarball

On 08/20/2001 03:34:19 PM Shaul Karl wrote:

>> > Shaul Karl <shaulka@bezeqint.net> writes:
>> >
>> > > What if I bought the CDs and now I want to `ship it' to my other 1
or 2 home
>> > > machines, which doesn't have a CDROM drive and need installing base
>> > > floppies?
>> >
>> > Then, obviously, you won't be able to use the CDs to install with.
>> >
>> > > IMHO base is useful in some cases and should be shipped on the CD.
>> > > If it is on the archive, why not ship it on the CDs?
>> >
>> > I disagree.  On this hypothetical machine you mention, you cannot
>> > access the CD from the machine, so what is the point of shipping base
>> > on the  CD?
>> >
>> > Adding basedebs.tgz to CD#1 would be a flagrant waste of space.
>> I have 2 machines. The 1st has a CDROM drive, the 2nd does not.
>> I can install the first from the CD. For the 2nd, I will use floppies,
>> will be prepared using the images that are on the CD.
>> Is there a better way?

What I've done in similar situations is get nfs serving working on box with
CDRom, then install box #2 as a nfs client off box 1.

Generally involves getting an ethernet card in both boxes, or a PLIP cable.

I suppose you could get serial networking going with PPP or SLIP, although
I've never tried that.

This is much more convenient than swapping floppys all over.  Also once you
get good IP connectivity you can get squid the proxy server working and
then apt-get using the http method, and do all kinds of other cool
networking stuff between the two machines, etc.

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