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Bug#108405: marked as done (new list request: debian-openoffice)

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Darren Benham
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Subject: new list request: debian-openoffice
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From: "Bernhard R. Link" <brl@pcpool00.mathematik.uni-freiburg.de>
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 18:20:24 +0200
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Package: lists.debian.org
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 name: debian-openoffice
	 The Openoffice.org system, which is born out of the GPL'd parts of StarOffice, is
	 quite an complicated system, incorporating many forks of other software projects,
	 the CORBA-like UNO-system, an Visual-Basic-Clone, a large non-standard build-system, 
	 ... and in large parts ignorant to the ways to structure an unix-system, that can be 
	 found in Debian Policy.
	 In irc have found some people, discussion solutions and starting to package the 
	 basing infrastructure, but with new people from debian-devel, this way has reached 
	 its limits.
	 As it needs almost an total redesign of the build-process, many discussions how to 
	 part it in peaces and source-packages, many coordination of lobbing upstream. And 
	 after this done also many communications with the porters, as it supports almost 
	 all plattforms, but in strange combinations ( the upstram build process only likes 
	 sparc on netbsd or solaris and things like this).
	 As it is an mammut-project, and only packaging the infrastructure will need at last 
	 half an year, with non-ending work afterwards, a mailinglist at debian.org would 
	 help very much, escepecially as the project will often need to communicate with 
	 non-involved debian-specialists, porters and many additional maintainers in the 
	 long run and therefore some mailinglist elsewhere would not that helpful.
 long description:
 	 This is the list for coordinating the packaging of the Openoffice.org program to
	 discuss how to split it in packages, how to package and work with its 
	 system abstraction layer (SAL), its uno/udk-system and how to supersede the 
	 upstream-build-system with autoconf/automake/libtool, where apreciate and nescessery.
 subscription policy:
 post policy:
 short description:
 	Openoffice.org packaging (including sal and uno)

Please excuse my bad English. Note that the ".org"s are there because OpenOffice is some
trademark somewhere, while OpenOffice.org is the name of the project initiated by sun.

	Bernhard R. Link

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Subject: New mailing lists
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Fellow developers,

The listmaster team have created some additional mailing lists

	- debian-l10n-catalan (#107945)
	This mailing list will be used by Debian's Catalan=20
	internationalisation and localisation team.

	- debian-l10n-english (#95916)
	This list is used for non-native English speakers to
	get good versions of essential English text such as=20
	package descriptions.

	- debian-l10n-italian (#97445)
	This mailing list is devoted to the Italian internationalisation
	and localisation efforts as regards the Debian project. We hope for
	collaboration with other Italian l10n projects, such as the GNOME
	translation effort, will be strongly sought.

	- debian-user-french (#104604)
	This list is used to provide support to French speaking Debian users

	- debian-devel-french (#104604)
	This list is for French speaking people who are interested in
 	Debian's development (new or future developers can be helped in

	- debian-debbugs (#108950)
	This list is for debbugs discussion and development; debbugs is
	the software that drives bugs.debian.org

	- debian-debbugs (#108950)
	CVS commit messages when modifications are done to debbugs

	- debian-newmaint (#108949)
	This mailing covers all aspect of the new-maintainer process,
	it is used by the new-maintainer group (frontdesk, application
	managers, debian account manager, etc.) and others to discuss
	administrative issues, applicants and the newmaintainer process.
	This list replaces both debian-newmaint-admin and

	- debian-openoffice (#108405)
	This mailing is for the co-ordination of OpenOffice packaging.
Debian Listmaster

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   All my dreams, pass before my eyes a curiosity
   Dust in the wind, All we are is dust in the wind
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