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Re: Shared libs with non-PIC code on i386 - useful

Philippe Troin wrote:
> > only PIC code, and the gcc (especially gcc-3.0) refuses to do such
> > linking on non-x86 plattforms. Fortunately, this works fine on i386
> > and used sometimes.
> This ie evil. Having non-PIC shared libraries makes them non-shared
> anymore (at least in memory).

Actually you have wrong point of view here.

There are cases where  'shared non-PIC' library is much better choice.

E.g. you have several softwares using  MPEG encoding library in the
- but obviously there is almost zero chance you will all use them at the
time - and if you will memory mapper will handle this and you will have
100KB twice in the memory - BUT the advantage of non-PIC code
is there is one free register - which is very useful for x86 platform.
So you will get measurable speed improvements!

So now tell me - because of Debian policy am I required to spend about 
5% more time with the program just because someone believe
shared library with non-PIC code is Evil ??

So I think we should allow exceptions here !!

Ok what can I do to make this reality for Debian.


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